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Accelerating growth through brand innovation

In today's dynamic business environment, many industries need transformative growth. Whether it’s new market entrants or established businesses, Herold Growth Consulting specializes in brand and innovative solutions designed for long-term impact. We focus on organizations, industries, and people where the environment requires a seasoned results-driven marketing and communications executive focused on sustainable growth.


Our areas of expertise

Strategic Planning

  Brand Development

 Digital Transformation

New Product Innovation & Launch

Brand & Corporate Identity Management

Corporate Social Responsibility


 Team leadership

Individual coaching


Professional Development



Go-to-market planning

Marketing and demand generation

Building high-performing teams

Sales and marketing operations

Experience in managing change


Our case studies

Brand refresh and overhaul for The Honey Baked Ham Company

The HoneyBaked Ham Company was in need of transformation. Through this initiative, we worked closely with our trademark attorney, CEO, franchisees, customers and internal team to transform the trademark, identity and all touch points. This included a refreshed positioning, designed to attract a new, younger consumer — The Queens of Convenience.

This work increased sales for the brand, was lauded by industry experts and was awarded the prestigious EFFIE award for effectiveness, An Addie and "Best Brand Overall" from the American Marketing Association.

This work was translated throughout the organization into new store design, advertising and uniforms.

One of these new advertising campaigns was a TV spot featuring Kelly, a modern-day every-woman who struggles to cook a ham for the holidays. While HoneyBaked hadn't made a TV ad in over 10 years, the ad, which aired during the holidays, was relatable and struck a chord with audiences, especially people named Kelly. We continued the promotion online by sending hams to Kelly influencers and offering a special coupon to anyone named Kelly.



Relaunched the Arby's Foundation

As part of a larger corporate turnaround for the Arby's Restaurant Group, the Arby's Foundation required a Brand overhaul to better align with the Brand.

With a new strategic focus on ending childhood hunger, the Arby's Foundation brand became a leading partner for the No Kid Hungry campaign. Under Kate Atwood's tenure as Executive Director and Jo Ann Herold's leadership as Chair of the Board, the Foundation contributed more than $18 million toward local community impact by engaging franchisees, employees, restaurants and customers.

Today, the Arby's Foundation is one of the leading organizations combatting childhood hunger in the US by ensuring that chronically underserved children have the nourishment and resources they need to succeed.

Brand refresh for Interface purpose and values

Leader of a core team that took Interface into the post-founder, next-generation future with a values exercise designed to unite the company's storied past with its ambitious future.

Part legacy and part compass, the company values were designed to resonate with long-term associates and give newer employees a sense of not just who the company is, but how it operates: Design a Better Way, Be Genuine and Generous, Inspire Others, Connect the Whole, and Embrace Tomorrow, Today, describe the Interface purpose, to Lead Industry to Love the World.


Our operations

Jo Ann Herold, founder and chief marketing officer, will personally lead every project. She partners with experts in their field of expertise, including brand building, sustainability and ESG, leadership coaching and non-profits. 

Jo Ann is a purpose-driven executive and brings more than 25 years of marketing experience. She has a long track record of delivering financial results and award-winning marketing programs that build sales and profitability for iconic brands in the B2B and B2C space.

She formerly served as Chief Marketing Officer for The Honey Baked Ham Company twice. Her experience spans iconic global brands including Arby’s Restaurant Group, Interface, Inc., and McDonald’s, as well as serving start-ups and nonprofits. In all her roles, Jo Ann has earned recognition for her ability to achieve strong financial results and create award-winning marketing programs that drove sales and profitability.

Her work has been lauded by industry and community groups including the National Diversity Council’s Most Powerful and Influential women, two AMY Awards from the American Marketing Association. She was recently the recipient of the Atlanta AMA’s Lifetime Achievement award and the CMO Club’s President’s Circle Award. 


Our testimonials

"Interace's first truly global marketing function was created by Jo Ann. She reimagined concept design to create a new way of working with our customers around the world."

- Dan Hendrix, Board Chairman, Interface, Inc.

"Jo Ann is down to earth while polished, she takes on new goals with determination, and is the first to lend a helping hand. She believes in the good of people."

- Julie Bowerman, Chief Marketing and Ecommerce Officer, The Kellogg Company

"Her positivity is infectious, and her energy absolutely knows no bounds. In a world where challenges are everywhere, Jo Ann only sees them as opportunities."

- Ben Deutsch, Former VP of Corporate Communications, The Coca-Cola Company

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